Relay Hub

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Introducing the fully renewed Dewire Relay series. This new and improved modular design allows you to customize and expand your setup where you see fit. Either use any of the regular fan connector daughter boards, or get the appropriate daughter boards for your RGB brand fans. Anything is possible in any direction. Guaranteed to reduce your cable clutter.


  • Future proof and compatible with both RGB and regular fans
  • Chain up as many Relay Hubs as you want
  • Compact stacking design to fit in most cramped scenarios
  • Isolating anti vibration grommets preinstalled
  • Rated for up to 4amps for fans and up to 2amps for RGB LEDs
  • Bidirectional design ensure compatibility with fans in push or pull configurations


This hub is the base part that can be stacked between your fan and radiator or case. Use the Relay IO and Relay Bridge boards to connect your fans and Relay Hubs together. Or get one of the per-configured Relay sets to fit your needs.

Warning! Do not exceed your motherboards rated power limits. Most motherboards can only supply 1A of fan power per header. See our FAQ for more details.

  Relay 120 Hub Relay 140 Hub
Width 129mm (5.0") 149mm (5.0")
Length 120mm (4.7") 140mm (4.7")
3.6mm (0.43") 3.6mm (0.43")
Fan power rating 4A 4A
RGB power rating 2A 2A
Included in package
1 * Relay Hub
4 * Isolation grommets
4 * 30mm screws
1 * Relay Hub
4 * Isolation grommets
4 * 30mm screws


 * Does not include the height of any expansion boards installed. This height is the total amount a fan is offset when stacked between your radiator or case.


Depicted radiators, fans and other components are for visual purposes only and are not included. Reference specifications for included parts.