Relay 480

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The Dewire Relay series is compatible with all PWM and DC fans*, and are made to fit both custom and AIO water-cooling radiators. It is easy to install thanks to it's adhesive foam insulation pad installed on the back.


  • Available in both regular and push-pull (Dual) option
  • Fits any slim, regular or thick 480mm radiators
  • Ready for daisy chaining multiple Dewire Relay's together
  • Adhesive insulation pad, for easy installation
  • Rated for up to 2.5amps


The Dewire Relay comes with a 30cm cable by default. There is also a 60cm option available. Alternatively these cables can be ordered along with a 15cm (daisy chaining) separately.

Warning! Do not exceed your motherboards rated power limits. Most motherboards can only supply 1A of fan power per header. See our FAQ for more details.

  Relay 480 Relay 480 Dual
475mm (18.7") 475mm (18.7")
Height** 17mm (0.66") 17mm (0.66")


10.8mm (0.43") 10.8mm (0.43")
Board rating 4.5A 4.5A
Cable rating 2.5A 2.5A
Fan headers 4



* Noctua fans have short extendable wires by default, they can be too short to use in pull configurations without the use of the Noctua supplied extension cables.
** All dimensions include foam adhesive and fan connectors.

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