Relay Bridge

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Part of they renewed modular Dewire Relay series. This daughter board allows to bridge two Relay Hubs together and also acts as an interface between your fans and the Relay Hub. Available for regular fan or for Corsair* fan support.


  • Available in different versions to fit your existing fans
  • Links two Relay Hubs together to expand your setup
  • Rated for up to 4amps for fans and up to 2amps for RGB LEDs
  • Bidirectional design ensure compatibility with fans in push or pull configurations**


This daughter board requires the Relay Hub base board to use. It uses non-proprietary connections to your existing hardware. Combine all our products as you see fit or get one of the per-configured Relay sets to fit your needs.

Warning! Do not exceed your motherboards rated power limits. Most motherboards can only supply 1A of fan power per header. See our FAQ for more details.

  Relay Bridge
Relay Bridge Corsair
Width 8mm (0.31") 8mm (0.31")
Length 43mm (1.69") 57mm (2.24")
12.5mm (0.49") 14mm (0.55")
Fan power rating 4A 4A
RGB power rating - 2A
Included in package
1 * Relay Bridge
1 * Locking clip
1 * Relay Bridge Corsair
1 * Locking clip


* Other RGB Fan support coming in the near future.

** RPM signal exits the setup at only one Relay IO, depending on the installed orientation. Follow the indicated RPM direction markings on the board.

*** Mentioned height is measured from the top of the connector when the daughter board is mounted to the Relay Hub


Depicted radiators, fans and other components are for visual purposes only and are not included. Reference specifications for included parts.